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Mobile Storage Tank

Mobile Storage Tank

Sumesh Petroleum Pvt Ltd is the most Computerized mobile storage tank manufacturers in Vadodara. The need of mobile storage tanks especially for construction, cannot be overstated as these tanks serve as on-site reservoirs for essential materials. Hence we make sure to use only the best of the materials only.

How can our mobile storage tanks can be used?

We are the most Modular mobile storage tank Manufacturer in Gujarat. The mobile storage tanks that we manufacture store water for concrete mixing, firefighting, and dust suppression. Also, our mobile storage tanks can also house fuel, ensuring that construction machinery remains fueled and operational.

Farming operations use of require ample water for irrigation, and the mobile storage tanks that we manufacture provide a flexible solution. These tanks can be strategically placed in fields to store water, our tanks that crops receive the hydration they need, even in remote areas without a fixed water supply.

Our mobile storage tanks are built to withstand the rigours of transportation and demanding environments. They offer a level of reliability that ensures your materials are stored safely without leaks or spillage.

We have been the most High-capacity mobile storage tank suppliers and exporters from India. Whether you are transporting hazardous chemicals or storing drinking water, then the safety is very crucial as it might not be suitable for conditions like this. The High-quality mobile storage tanks that we manufacture make use of the safest standards, hence they reduce the risks associated with leaks and even major contaminations.