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Ester Oil Filtration Plant

Ester Oil Filtration Plant

Let us understand the main fluid characteristics of Ester fluid first. The Ester fluid has high moisture absorbing property thus it retains moisture which means that moisture removal from ester oil is very difficult as the fluid is hygroscopic thus the molecule of ester oil is designed to retain moisture and extraction is very difficult.

The Easter fluid has higher viscosity than normal transformer oil thus the system has to be designed according to the viscosity and filtration system has to be designed for suitable viscosity.

Keeping in view SUMESH PETROLEUM PVT LTD has designed Ester oil filtration system suitable for Ester Oil which has following developments than a normal oil filtration plant.

1. Ultra High Vacuum level in the processing plant for hygroscopic nature of Oil
2. Special Cartridges with High Surface area and high pressure resistant.
3. Two stages of newly developed filtration system
4. High Heating power
5. Lower Flow rate with high degassing time
6. Separate and special filtration plant dedicated for Ester Oil Only has to be used as if mixed with transformer oil the properties are distorted.
7. Tested for Ester oil at various site of Torrent Power, GEB and other site locations.

BDV is not affected in high PPM thus removal of PPM until a very lower level is not a very important criteria in Easter Oil and achieving lower BDV is also difficult in ester oil.